This page is for my pots, bowls or containers.

"Blessing of the Harvest" seed pot. Design in silver. (actual silver glaze, not faux silver). Approx. eight inches across.  $65.00. + $7.50 shipping.  SORRY SOLD

Navajo style sand-painted bean pot. Approx 10" across.  $50.00 + $9.00 shipping.  SORRY, SOLD.  Other pots of this type will be
available in the spring of 2016

Hummingbird jewel box. Approx. 7" across. 4" high. $40.00 + $7.50 shipping. (I see hummingbirds almost daily at the feeder, just outside of the studio window).   SORRY SOLD

Faux "leather" seed pot. The finish simulates a pot made from leather. Approx. 10" across. 5" tall.  $50.00 + $10.00 shipping.


      Maybe this looks more like a wood carving than leather