These decorative seed pots have been carefully hand finished by me in my studio. This vase stands about 5.5    inches high and has been fired in my kiln three times at about 1200 degrees. It has been glazed with several different finishes,  and fired inside also, so they are all food safe and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. There are many colors in this piece, and a metallic sparkle that the camera can't really capture.  If you order it I know you'll love it.  Ideal for candy, dog or cat treats, pretzles, etc. More images can be provided if you wish.

  Above pot SKU-94a

 Prices are $39.95 without lids.  $44.95 with lids.

           Above pot  SKU-10a
    These seed pots have been selling fast, so its hard to keep them updated. It is suggested that you contact me to confirm availability prior to ordering.  Use SKU# to identify the pot you want.  


            These seed pots add a splash of color to any kitchen or dining area.

        Seed pots make an ideal and unique gift for any occasion and at a low cost.

      each seed pot is a unique creation, using a technique which I have personally
developed over time. You will not find another like it.  

  You will find more seed pots on the next page.  I will be adding new ones very
shortly, so check back.